The project for the new Giuriati Sports Center was conceived with the aim of redeveloping the spaces of the former “Mario Giuriati” sports center, originally built between 1928 and 1933, given in concession to Politecnico through an agreement with the municipality of Milan. The intervention is part of a broader program to promote and enhance sports activities pursued by the polytechnic for the benefit of its students.
The subject of the intervention was specifically the outdoor playing fields and the restoration of the historic building, together with the construction of the facility’s new service center.

The historic building, home to the locker rooms and restrooms, a gymnasium and other technical and storage rooms, was in a condition of widespread disrepair. Restoration work was aimed at improving the level of quality of services offered to support sports activities. The main interventions included the logistical and functional reorganization of the spaces, the complete renovation of the technical and plant equipment, the improvement of the accessibility of the spaces by people with reduced mobility, and in general the rehabilitation and replacement of architectural equipment and finishes while respecting the historical identity of the building.







Credits | Project Palazzina e Tribuna Giuriati  Place Campus Giuriati, Milano Scientific Manager Prof. Emilio Faroldi, Prorettore Delegato, Politecnico di Milano Scientific Committee of the Project Arch. Matteo Cervini, Arch. Giuseppe Mondini, Arch. Paolo Raffaglio (Referente del progetto) Partners ATE – Area Tecnico Edilizia, Politecnico di Milano  Photographs Arch. Giorgio Martellono  Year of the Project 2018-2021  Realization 2021