The project aims to improve our University’s environmental quality, starting from the regeneration of open and internal spaces, based on sustainability principles. This will create a Campus which is resilient to climatic and environmental challenges and faces the most urgent dangers, i.e. the intensification of rainfall and extreme temperatures during the summer. To slow down runoff water and support sustainable rainwater drainage, it is essential to increase soil permeability and drainage and provide infrastructure to maximise hydraulic invariance. To mitigate urban temperatures, it is important to increase tree and shrub vegetation to promote evapotranspiration and shading. The use of clear surfaces with high solar reflectance will reduce heat build-up in the built environment.

Our Campuses will encourage sustainable behaviours and lifestyles, while promoting environmental quality and social inclusion, for our community and citizens. Campuses will be equipped with soft mobility services (exclusively pedestrian areas with bike stands, stations and workshops), sustainable water supply (a widespread network of free-of-charge and plastic-free water points), circular economy (with an infrastructure for waste reduction, reuse and sorting) and socialisation (with furniture for study, leisure and sport).

VIVIPOLIMI@Green promotes environmental quality to improve life quality, focusing on the well-being of people who will use the spaces with positive psycho-physiological impacts (@Health).