VIVIPOLIMI is a strategic project aimed at upgrading the quality of the Politecnico di Milano’s work, research and teaching spaces in an international perspective that is increasingly open to interaction between the university and the city. Improving the quality of our Campus spaces means increasing the quality of life in the neighbourhood that has been our home for over 100 years. After years of punctual interventions, VIVIPOLIMI aims to give a unified design to the Campuses, their history and their future. Studying and working at the Politecnico is an element of pride for the entire polytechnic community. Living at the Politecnico is a life experience as well as an educational one.


The VIVIPOLIMI group is made up of architects who work every day with passion and team spirit to provide the University with more liveable spaces that are more in line with students’ needs and habits. In the spirit of history and tradition, with an eye to our history but above all to tomorrow, VIVIPOLIMI seeks to intercept the spatial needs and demands of the new generations.