MADE is a digital and sustainable factory that supports manufacturing companies on the path of digital transformation towards Industry 4.0. It provides a broad panorama of knowledge, methods and tools on digital technologies ranging from design to engineering, from production management to delivery and end-of-life management.

With its large 2,500 sqm demo-center, training rooms and co-working and meeting spaces, it represents a unique solution. The special growth path towards digital transformation that has been developed is based on these steps: informing and demonstrating Industry 4.0 technologies, explaining through ad-hoc training activities, and finally transferring and implementing the technological solutions through projects.

MADE – Competence Center Industria 4.0 is the technical interlocutor to turn to for managing innovation activities, technology transfer, applied research and assistance in the implementation of Industry 4.0 technologies, in order to maintain a high competitive level by restructuring organisational and business models and the strategy of one’s own company.







Credits | Project MADE Competence Center Industria 4.0  Place Campus Durando, Milano Scientific Manager Prof. Emilio Faroldi, Prorettore Delegato, Politecnico di Milano  Scientifico Committee of the Project Arch. Matteo Cervini, Arch. Giuseppe Mondini (Referente del progetto), Arch. Paolo Raffaglio Partners ATE – Area Tecnico Edilizia, Politecnico di Milano  Photographs Prof. Marco Ausano Introini  Year of the Project 2019-2020  Realization 2020