Porta Campus La Masa

Walking onto a University Campus is a physical but also symbolic action.
An architectural element made of cement and cortensteel marks the main entrance to Campus La Masa, greeting and welcoming those who enter the campus every day. 
An iconic, institutional, monumental entranceway: the Politecnico logo, engraved into the material, symbolises the University’s deep-rooted presence in the fabric of Milan and, in this case, in the Bovisa district, now characterised by its university vocation.
The idea is to adapt, in both shape and materials, the various “Gates” along the perimeter of the Milan and the regional Campuses.


Project name: Porta Campus La Masa

Place: Campus La Masa, Milano

Scientific Coordinator:
Prof. Emilio Faroldi, Vice Rector Delegate, Politecnico di Milano

Project Scientific Committee:
Prof. Stefano Capolongo, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof. Franco Infussi (Referente del progetto), Politecnico di Milano,
Prof.ssa Laura Elisabetta Malighetti, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof. Eugenio Morello, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof. Alessandro Perego, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof.ssa Tiziana Poli, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof. Michele Ugolini, Politecnico di Milano,
Prof. Maria Pilar Vettori, Politecnico di Milano

Arch. Matteo Cervini (Project Reference Person), Politecnico di Milano, Vivi.Polimi.Lab,
Arch. Giuseppe Mondini, Politecnico di Milano, Vivi.Polimi.Lab,
Arch. Paolo Raffaglio, Politecnico di Milano, Vivi.Polimi.Lab

ATE – Conservation and Building Services

Photos: Prof. Marco Ausano Introini

Project: 2017-18

Realization: 2019


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